Restored 1957 Fender Bassman 5E6-A guitar amplifier, made in...





Restored 1957 Fender Bassman 5E6-A guitar amplifier, made in USA, ser. no. BM1xxx4

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When the vendor acquired this amp, the cabinet have been re-covered poorly, the grille cloth had been changed with incorrect type used and the handle being a modern reproduction. The Jensen P10Q speakers were the correct type for the amp, although slightly later dating to 1958 and 1959, although the wiring was not original. The Triad mains transformer code 7993 was original to the amp and the choke also looked correct. The output transformer code 606-335 was a modern Fender Schumacher made, additional holes have been added to the chassis to mount this unit. The electrolitic capacitors have been changed which are typical for amps of this age as these deteriorate with age, some resistors have also been changed. There have been some modifications to the circuit including screen grid resistors and buyer circuit. The selenium rectifier in the buyer supply had been changed. An additional speaker jack had been added. Pot date codes of 305645 and 304648 are consistent with the amp being manufactured in 1957. On the plus side, the wooden cabinet was a genuine Fender '57 manufacture and reusable and the original valve chart was still attached. All four speakers were the correct Jensen type, albeit dating slightly later to '58 and '59, the larger amp electrical components were all correct Fender items and the amp's serial number confirmed the chassis was correct for 1957, as did the pot date codes. A correct Fender replacement leather lifting strap was fitted and a front badge appeared to be original. After dismantling the amp and speakers, all the covering was stripped off and the cabinet sanded externally. Two new rear panels were made up and everything was re-covered with the correct Fender material as per the original. All the incorrect electrical components were removed and replaced with nos correct items and the speakers were rewired with correct type wire to the jack plug. Everything was re-assembled and an external 110 watt transformer purchased to run the amp from a UK power supply. The end result is a fully restored fine original looking amp that sounds like an old Bassman should. The amp was restored by Marton Garton of Gartone Amps and a large selection of photographs are available showing the amp before and after the full restoration.

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